Online Compliance Checklist

Dental eShare’s online compliance checklist makes it easier for your practice to complete and manage your compliance checklist. By switching from paper to digital, your practice can create and update your compliance checklist at any time, using any mobile devices. The online checklist will help you complete and store information efficiently, edit information quickly and easily, and use the “Save As” function to start a new checklist without having to retype all of the information again.

The online checklist is a new tool, designed for MDDS, to help our members manage reporting and compliance requirements in an easy to use online format. Metropolitan District Dental Society is providing this tool to all of our members for free as a membership benefit. Please complete and submit the form below to register for an account today.

MDDS Account Registration

If you have completed your Dental eShare account set-up, you may log in by clicking on the image below.